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Tunaproo: For commercial fishing and aquaculture

Service spécialisé pour la pêche industrielle et l'aquaculture

The Tunaapro Service

Specialised service for specific requirements for commercial tuna fleets (trawlers, tuna boats, shrimpboats, sardine boats etc.) and aquaculture (pisciculture, shellfish farming etc.).

We understand the needs not only of general vessels but the more specific requirements of fishing vessels… and we also understand the needs of fleets: we offer general supplies, are able to respond to all demands with a quick turn around and with a wide and extremely competitive range.

We offer pretty much everything a vessel could need: general, dry and frozen foods, cleaning products, bedding, kitchenware, clothing/PPE, rigging hardware, wire ropes, ropes, chains, sailing equipment, buoys, cabin and deck equipment, kitchen equipment and more.

For fleets, relying on Atlantic Avitaillement guarantees the best prices on products from reputed manufacturers; reducing “red tape”, forwarding, packaging, handling, customs and research costs, and more.

Plus, we provide a full logistics service, free of charge: do you require a wire rope container in the Seychelles? A palette of bedding in Spain? We can take care of it all! We maintain regular routes through all international fishing ports and we offer express, air, sea, bulk or full-container dispatch.

We also offer a customs service and a bonded warehouse service, enabling us to supply fleets with products that are exempted from duty.

Who is it for?

Our Turnaapro Service is for all those products specifically suited for and required by commercial fishing and aquaculture crews.

Purse seines
Sardine boats
Fishing dredges
Shellfish farming
Crayfish farming
Prawn farming
Algo culture

Service spécialisé pour la pêche industrielle et l'aquaculture

Services and Products

Atlantic Avitaillement has over 30 years of experience in supplying foods and goods to fishing vessels.

Over time we have developed ranges of deck foods and equipment suitable for tuna fishing, seine boats, longliners, aquaculture and more.

Steel wire rope
Ropes (polyamide, PE, PET, PP etc.)
Fishing chains
Trawler release and brailing net locks
Tuna purse seines
Galvanised and stainless steel rigging hardware
Chain accessories (Trawlex and other brands)
Grade 80 or 100 lifting and handling accessories
Buoys and fenders
Net webbing and braids (black nylon or green PP/PE)
Personal safety garments (waxed garments, safety shoes and boots etc.)
Safety equipment and accessories (PFD, rafts etc.)
Binoculars (7×50 hand binoculars or giant 25×150 Fujinon binoculars etc.)
Snap rings/purse seine rings in stainless steel or galvanised steel
Fishing shackles, trawling shackles or countersunk head shackles
CH10S, CH11S and CH12S choker hooks
Trawl releases
BK11 and BK12 brailing net locks
Pelican hooks
Connectors/connector links
Tuna net chain slings
Tuna net needles, mending needles, hegu needles

Our Tunaapro partners

Logistics Service

We deliver all over the world! … by sea freight (20″ or 40″ container, dry or reefer), air freight or road (standard or express).

Just some of our weekly ocean freight deliveries:
– The Seychelles
– Mauritius
– Reunion
– Abidjan, Ivory Coast
– Tema, Ghana
– Madagascar
– Togo
– Senegal
– Alexandria, Egypt
– Namibia
– Morocco, and more
Just some of our daily international road deliveries:
– Vigo, Spain
– Bermeo, Spain
– Barcelona, Spain
– Germany
– Greece
– Rotterdam, Holland
– Norway
– England
– Porto, Portugal
– Italy, and more
… and just some of the destinations we deliver to in France:
– Montoir de Bretagne
– Le Havre
– Lyon
– Marseille
– Paris
– Brest

Wherever you are, we deliver!

Customs Operations

We have our own customs services (customs approvals) and our own bonded warehouses (dry, temperature-controlled, frozen products), enabling us to sell goods exempted from customs duties.

A definite saving for shipping companies and businesses!

Sourcing needs ?

We also offer an external purchasing service: we cater for all your specific requirements.

By extension, we are also a Sourcing Service: whatever you need, let us know, and we’ll take care of the rest!