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Trawlex Chains

Trawlex Chains

Trawlex is one of the quality brands, along with Kruplex, from the former English group Parsons Chain, bought in 2011 by the American company the Crosby Group, world leader in this area.

EuropaRope is the official distributor of the entire Crosby Group catalogue of products.

Trawlex chains have undergone exclusive manufacturing processes to ensure that their chains and accessories are unrivalled on the international market.

While other HR chains meet grade 80 at best, Trawlex® chains are available in grade 95 minimum.

By using only very high-quality steels and exclusive manufacturing processes involving three consecutive heat treatments, Trawlex chains are exceptional chains, highly resistant against fatigue, wear and tear and corrosion.

Another feature of this HR chain is the link profile. While other chains available on the market feature round wire, certain items from the Trawlex chains range have a more squared profile to offer a greater surface load-bearing capacity and better resistance against wear and tear.

Each link is marked with a small fish logo as a reminder that Trawlex chains are above all designed for fishing.

The Trawlex® chain is a true force of nature!

– Trawlex short link tread of 3 from 7mm to 22mm
– Trawlex medium link tread of 4 from 10mm to 26mm
– Trawlex long link tread of 6 from 9mm to 28mm

Trawlex Chains

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Just some of the applications of the Trawlex chain

  • Fishing chain
  • Trawl door chain
  • Profiled chain
  • And more

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