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Synthetic ropes and cording

Atlantic Avitaillement, under its brand EuropaRope, offers a wide range of products featuring all types of synthetic ropes and cording.

These synthetic ropes are available in Polyamide (Nylon), Polyethylene, Polyester, Polypropylene, Dyneema and as composite ropes.

They can be used for all manner of purposes and applications such as fishing (furling line, mooring rope, basket trap rope, bolt rope, trawl nets, anchoring buoys, basket trap feet, sardine pursing wire etc.), sailing (mooring ropes, rigging etc.), oil exploration and offshore drilling, marine salvage, harbour and offshore towage, aquaculture, construction, general industry etc.

synthetic ropes

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synthetic ropes

Did you know?

In 1884, Louis Marie Hilaire Bernigaud, a French manufacturer from Chardonnet, invented and patented the very first synthetic thread, referred to at the time as artificial silk. This paved the way for many more synthetic materials over the years and many more inventions: : viscose rayon by Englishman Charles F. Cross in 1981, cellulose acetate rayon by another Englishman, Edward J.Bevan, in 1921 and fibreglass by Swiss Camille and Henri Dreyfus in 1925. Polyester was invented in 1950 by another Englishman, John T. Dickson.

It was from these synthetic materials that the first synthetic ropes and cords were made, which would soon replace natural raw materials such as hemp and sisal.

Less expensive and more resistant, these new materials would give way to many new inventions and innovations throughout countless different sectors including, of course, rope!


Atlantic Avitaillement was created in 1995 by a team of people who already had almost 15 years of expertise in steel wire and synthetic ropes. We gained solid knowledge of the market and product expertise. We have had a hand in their development over the years. Now, we place it all at your disposal under our brand EuropaRope, guaranteed reliability and safety. All the products we offer under the EuropaRope brand and logo come directly and exclusively from the most reliable international manufacturers on the market. It is under this brand that we make our commitment.