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Steel wire rope

Steel wire rope – wire rope – stainless steel wire rope

At Atlantic Avitaillement we offer you all types of steel wire rope in all constructions, available in all diameters and in galvanised, ungalvanised or stainless steel and for all uses and areas of industry: commercial fishing, industrial lifting, forestry and mining operations, and more.

We can cut your steel wire rope to any length and we can provide various fittings and modification services for wire ropes.

Our logistics and customs services mean we can deliver to you anywhere in the world, by any means. Atlantic Avitaillement, for all your wire rope accessories.

Câble de levage

The solution for all your steel and stainless steel wire rope needs!

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Our EuropaRope brand


Atlantic Avitaillement was created in 1995 by a team of people who already had almost 15 years of expertise in steel wire and synthetic ropes. We gained solid knowledge of the market and product expertise. We have had a hand in their development over the years. Now, we place it all at your disposal under our brand EuropaRope, guaranteed reliability and safety. All the products we offer under the EuropaRope brand and logo come directly and exclusively from the most reliable international manufacturers on the market.

It is under this brand that we make our commitment.