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Steel Sling

Steel sling – for steel/stainless steel wire rope

Atlantic Avitaillement provides a sling manufacturing service for steel wire rope slings and a fitting service for steel wire ropes. We and our specialist partners can cut any length of steel wire rope and carry out any kind of fitting: loops and splices, manual marking for fishing, and more.

Just some of our sling end terminations:

– with fastening

– with threaded outlet

– with rotating hook

– with eyehook with latch

– with self-locking hook

– with socket

– with shackle

– with ring

– with eye with terminal attached

– with standard loop.

Steel sling

Some of our steel slings – We offer a made-to-measure service

Single sling

One end free, one end with thimble/sleeve.

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Single sling

One leg. Two ends with terminal and sleeve. Wire rope types and diameters to suit your requirements.

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Single sling + oval link

Two ends with terminal (steel or stainless steel; thimble or other) and sleeves + oval ring (link).

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3 leg sling

3 legs + oval link (ring); all lengths with terminal and sleeve (or single loop of required size).

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What construction do you need?

Let us know what you need and the specifications of your slings and we will get back to you in no time at all!

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