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Safety equipment

Maritime/Offshore safety equipment

The on board safety of passengers and crew is evermore serious and safety standards are becoming more and more stringent.

To comply with international maritime safety standards, on board safety, rescue and pyrotechnic equipment is quickly evolving.

Atlantic Avitaillement only offers the most current safety and rescue equipment that complies with stringent standards, including SOLAS.

Safety equipment

Our product ranges

Immersion suits

SOLAS standard survival and immersion suits. All sizes, all ranges.

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Safety harnesses and hoists

We offer all types of safety harness as well as different types and lengths of special hoist to suit your preference. Suitable for all uses whether at sea or working at heights.

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Life rafts

Full range of rafts and various equipment available for 6 to 30 people. Accessories also available.

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Breathing apparatus

Breathing apparatus for fire-fighting suits (with harness, pneumatics etc.) known under the name Aéris; but also Emergency Evacuation Breathing Devices (EEBD).

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PFD – inflatable vests and jackets

Full range of PFD (inflatable vests and jackets): 150N, 165N, 250N etc. SOLAS certification if required. Hammar inflation triggers, salt tablets, and more.

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Other safety equipment

Everything you need in terms of safety equipment for your living quarters, your vessel, your platform, your mine, your naval, your shipyard, etc.

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Did you know ?

Everyone who moves in marine circles is familiar with those five letters: SOLAS

SOLAS stands for Safety Of Life At Sea SOLAS actually refers to the 1974 International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea and sets out the standards concerning the use of vessels in general and on board safety and security.

The first SOLAS convention appeared in 1914 following the tragic sinking of the Titanic. The 1974 SOLAS convention is the fifth one of its kind.

Several sectors are covered by the SOLAS standard:
– Construction – Subdivision and stability, machines and electrical installations.
– Detection and extinguishing of fire and protection against fire.
– Mandatory lifesaving equipment and the LSA (Life Saving Appliances) Code
– Radio communications
– Navigation safety
– Transport of merchandise
– Transport of dangerous merchandise
– Nuclear-powered vessels
– Safety management of a vessel’s operation
– Safety measures for high-speed vessels (HSC Code or High Speed Craft Code)
– Special measures to enhance maritime safety
– Special measures to enhance maritime security
– Additional measures for vessels carrying goods in bulk

The SOLAS standard is the most extensive set of international regulations for passenger vessels and is embedded within the IMO or International Maritime Organization (