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Rigging hardware for fishing

Rigging hardware for commercial fishing

We offer all the rigging hardware and lifting accessories your vessels could need! As well as our general range, we also have specialised products for specific fishing needs: tuna boats, trawlers, longliners and more.
Rigging hardware for fishing
Just some of these products :
Snap ring/purse seine rings in stainless steel or galvanised steel
Fishing shackles, trawling shackles or countersunk head shackles
► CH10S, CH11S and CH12S choker hooks
► Trawl releases,
► BK11 and BK12 brailing net locks
► Pelican hooks,
► Connectors/connector links
► Tuna net chain sling,
Tuna net needles, mending needles, hegu needles

Our product ranges

Galvanised and stainless steel rigging hardware

All galvanised and stainless steel rigging hardware for commercial fishing: shackles, hooks, choker hooks, pelican hooks, links and more.

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Needles and marlinespikes

Wide range of mending Hegu and nylon needles as well as tuna net needles. We also have a complete catalogue of splices for ropes and wire ropes.

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Snap Rings

Purse seine rings in HR steel and stainless steel. Available in 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, etc. Full sets and spares

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