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Pulleys and blocks (fishing, lifting, offshore platforms)

Lifting pulleys – Lifting blocks

There are hundreds of different models of pulley that we have tried to categorise for you below according to:

Size: for some activities such as boating, theatre, mountaineering, caving, sea and commercial fishing and industrial lifting, very small pulleys are used: wooden, stainless steel, Teflon and titanium pulleys, but for others areas, pulleys can be much larger. Our partner the Crosby Group, the world leader in pulleys, designs made-to-measure pulleys for industrial lifting and offshore oil operations with breaking loads of hundreds of tonnes.

Pulleys and blocks (fishing, lifting, offshore platforms)

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Material: traditionally, marine pulleys from centuries past were made of wood and these oiled wood pulleys can still be found today on older rigging or sailing boats. Small pulleys are metal, often stainless steel or Teflon pulleys.

Sheave: to make a pulley, regardless of the size, material or usage, a sheave is required. The sheave is the wheel in the body of the wooden or steel pulley that enables the steel wire rope or rope to slide through the sheave’s groove. Depending on the pulley’s requirements of use, it will contain two, three or four pulleys; five or six sheave pulleys are much less common. The pulley has a cord or wire rope through each sheave.

Area of use: the pulley is such a useful system that it is used in many different areas, such as industrial lifting, of course, and there are also more specific pulleys for general sailing, the merchant navy and commercial fishing in particular. Offshore gas and oil operations on barges and platforms use large-sized pulleys just as in public engineering works and the construction of bridges and other structures. Mountaineering, climbing, boating or mountain-side mechanical lifts also use pulleys on a daily basis, although somewhat less noticeably!

Pulley names: one type of pulley can have several different names according to the area in which it is used or simply the existence of numerous different names to refer to all pulleys and their adaptations. Here is a list of some of these: building pulley, wire rope scissor pulley, open hook block for building, rope block, Crosby pulley, jaw pulley for rope, snatch pulley (block), wooden pulley, Teflon pulley, friction pulley, pulley with ball bearing, roller pulley, fixed wire rope pulley, rope pulley and wire rope pulley, hook pulley, idler pulley, Mc Kissick block, Champion pulley, shackle pulley, lifting block, crane pulley, snatch block pulley, lebus pulley, offshore pulley, tong block pulley, drilling block pulley, western block pulley, trawler pulley, cargo pulley, and so on!

Pulleys are sold as complete but replacement accessories can be ordered at a later date. The sheave is the most popular pulley accessory. Pulley fasteners for hook pulleys and shackle pulleys can also be replaced. Round pins and latches are also available as pulleys accessories. Some pulleys used for tuna vessel rigging can last up to 25 years if well maintained (with regular sheave lubrication) and manufactured (we recommend Crosby Mc Kissick pulleys and pulley accessories).

The word ‘block’ is often incorrectly used to refer to a pulley. A block is actually a type of lifting device made from strands of rope or steel wire rope around the pulley. The hoist is made up of two blocks.

At Atlantic Avitaillement, supplier, import and exporter of general and specialist goods, we sell all types of pulleys and pulley accessories for all industries and areas and we provide a quick delivery service anywhere, whether on land or at sea.

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Did you know?

Pulleys and other products from our partners Crosby, Mc Kissick and Lebus are certified by DNV Det Norsk Veritas, Lloyds Register of Shipping, the ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), the DIN (German Institute for Standardisation), the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), RINA (the Italian Naval Registry) and the API (American Petroleum Institute). Crosby is a world leader when it comes to metal pulleys, supplies NASA and the US Navy, to name just two!

Crosby pulleys are the most compact and offer you unrivalled durability for all lifting activity: mining and forestry operations, commercial fishing, cranes and more.

Crosby is ISO 9001 certified