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Provider of SOLAS bedding products ranges.

Sleeping and resting with SOLAS

We supply naturally standard bedding products ranges. But now we can also meet the IMO MED quality requirements. Our products are totally in compliance with the following international standards:

  • SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea
  • IMO International Maritime Organization
  • MED Marine Equipment Directive
  • MCA Maritime and Coastguard Agency

All our bedding items are perfectly adapted to the specific conditions of life at sea. They comply with the strictest current legislation and certification requirements, such as the fire protection standards.

All our products dimensions are especially suitable for your ship. Besides, they offer the best compromise between comfort and total compliance with IMO, SOLAS, MED and MCA standards.

SOLAS Convention

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) appears for the first time after the sinking of the RMC Titanic in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912. Since 1972, these standards have been improved regularly and they have been administrated by the IMO, International Maritime Organization.

Among all the safety items regarding the life at sea, the fire hazard protection is one of the most highlighted. SOLAS standard requires, for instance, that all the component parts of the sleeping accommodations of the sailors on board must be the made of the most resistant fireproof material. It includes the mattress, certainly, but also duvet covers, sheets and blankets, pillows…even the bath towels.

Atlantic Avitaillement

Your shipping supplier since 1995, propose to you only bedding products in compliance with SOLAS standards and delivered with certificate.

Atlantic Avitaillement

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Atlantic Avitaillement has been serving your needs for over 20 years, all around the world. AA is renowned internationally for distributing quality products for commercial fishing activities, oil platforms and site facilities as well as industrial lifting, agri-food factories, dockers, forestry operations and more. We are trusted to deliver products for dozens of internationally recognised manufacturers : steel wire ropes, chains, ropes, lifting equipement, personal protective equipments, marine binoculars, professional cutlery, rigging etc.

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