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Protection for the feet

Protection for the feet: footwear and accessories

The extremities, including the feet, are the parts of the body most exposed to risk so care must be taken to protect them. Protecting the feet is therefore paramount for employees exposed to risk.

Impact or extreme pressure to the foot can cause serious harm and so clogs, safety clogs, safety shoes, boots or waders are worn (waders are thigh-length boots). All these items of protective footwear making up the PPE (personal protective equipment) range can be reinforced with steel plates at either end to protect the toes and heels.

Some footwear is designed with an increased grip for slippery and wet environments. Other footwear is designed to retain heat in your feet and is used to protect against the cold in sub-zero temperatures.

Protection for the feet

Just some examples of the products we distribute

Clogs and safety clogs

Full range of protective clogs and safety clogs in leather and plastic.

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Work boots

Full range of work boots S1 to S5 for all work environments (heat, cold up to -50°C). In PU, rubber or leather.

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Full range of waders for professionals in wet environments.

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Safety shoes

We meet all your requirements for safety shoes, sizes small and large, S1 to S3, and all lines available. Permanent stock of many different models.

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Footwear accessories

Full range of socks (cool, warm, knee-length, ankle etc.) and treads.

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