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Manual tools and electrical tools

Manual tools and electrical tools

Atlantic Avitaillement is able to deliver whatever you need to live or work anywhere on land or at sea, including all your tooling supplies.

Factories need tools to ensure and maintain the good condition of the equipment used; vessels and offshore oil platforms also need tools daily in order to function. This can be general tools such as various types of keys for tightening and for sockets and screwdrivers, clamps and striking tools, as well as tools and equipment for measuring, grinding, marking and metrology.

Every vessel, every factory and every set of living quarters has its own workshop. To clean and maintain machines, these production units need to be independent and equipped with the appropriate tools.

To carry out sometimes heavy-duty work, these tools must be effective, reliable, robust and compatible.

The tools needed in different areas including electrical tools like wire strippers, insulated tools, measuring equipment, crimping pliers and cutting dies, and electronic tools like micro-technology, welding, and electronic pliers, screwdrivers and scissors.
Not to mention tools for extraction, lighting, tubes, pipes and dynamometers.

We are also able to supply and export automotive tools.

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