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Professional cutlery

Knives for professionals (fishing, agri-food industries etc.)

We also sell knives for many other sectors.

Apart from table knives, we have more specialised chef’s knives. Many different knives are used for various customs, traditions and professions: boning knives, fish knives, slicing knives, paring knives and steak knives, bread knives, fillet knives, carving knives, salmon knives and ham slicers, oyster knives, slicers, Japanese knives, slicing knives, boning knives, dessert knives, and many more.

Knives are also widely used in agri-food industries and on commercial fishing vessels, where fish needs to be cut before it is frozen.

Fishermen normally use smaller knives for smaller everyday tasks, depending on some of the stubborn customs originating from various countries! For example, the Opinel knife and Arcos cutlery in Spain; and for those larger jobs, some butchers’ knives used can be longer than 30cm.

With so much specialised cutlery available, there is also a range of accessories such as steel sharpeners and sharpening stones, cut-resistant gloves, chain link safety gloves, with optional cuff, and protective aprons.

Professional cutlery

The solution for all your knife needs!

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