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Plastic crates - Pallet crates

Plastic crates – Pallet crates – Containers

Plastic crates are required for various on-land and at-sea applications for both packaging and storage.

Our range of plastic containers includes all plastic crates, such as practical interlocking and stackable crates of all sizes and capacities. The larger models of plastic crate include rigid and collapsible palette crates, widely used at fish and general markets, and one-piece crates or food-carrying crates.

We also offer meat crates and hygienic plastic containers for the agri-food industries and fishing factory ships, industrial transport containers, shelving containers, cold storage containers and more.

Our largest plastic crates and containers are 1.20m x 1.20m and can support loads of up to 4 tonnes.

Plastic crates - Pallet crates

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