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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Work clothing – Protective clothing

The safety of employees is too important for PPE, or personal protective equipment, to be entrusted to just any manufacturer.

Safety clothing is an essential part of PPE, designed to cover and protect you from head to toe, whatever the activity or industry. On land, personal protection equipment in factories can include hygiene caps, ear plugs, ear muffs, gloves and cuff, aprons, work jackets and trousers and anything providing protection against the cold in temperature-controlled environments, as well as work shoes and boots, thermal boots and special footwear.

At sea, there are various waxed garments to protect against bad weather (waxed jackets, trousers, bibs and braces), and protective helmets, all designed for work involving risk, on deck etc.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our product ranges

Protection for the head

Complete range of accessories and garments to protect the head, face, eyes, ears and the respiratory system.

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Bodily protection

Complete range of outfits and clothing to provide protection for the body as well as specialised ready-to-wear outfits (firemen, -50°C cold suits etc.).

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Protection for the hands

Full range of hand protection: leather, textile or synthetic. All certifications/required standards. All areas. All applications.

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Protection for the feet

Full range of foot protection: safety shoes and boots, clogs, waders, mules and more. All materials, all required certifications.

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