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PFD - Personal Flotation Devices

PFD – Personal Flotation Devices

PFD stands for Personal Flotation Device and covers all inflatable and self-inflating vests and other flotation assistance jackets for anyone who has fallen into the water. These flotation devices come with different features according to various criteria, depending on whether they are used in tropical or freezing northern waters, for example, or depending on the weight of the user and the level of buoyancy required, as well as the type of sailing to be taking place (recreational sailing or commercial fishing, for example).

The inflatable vest or self-inflating vest or buoyancy aid is a garment that usually self-inflates when the wearer enters the water, for example through the use of salt tablets. The life jacket, on the other hand, is made of blocks of foam that float.
The buoyancy aid vest allows you to swim more easily while the life jacket keeps the wearer out of the water, on their back, and without the need to swim.

All life jackets in Europe must conform the EC standard and are categorised according to their level of buoyancy, shown in Newtons (N): 50N, 70N, 100N, 150N and 275N. 

Among the accessories available for inflatable jackets and aids are flash lights, automatic replacement kits and miniature CO2 canisters.

Crew safety is paramount and to ensure the continual safety of everyone on board, Atlantic Avitaillement supplies the very best of our partners’ products

PFD - Personal Flotation Devices

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Our product ranges

PFD – inflatable vests and jackets

Full range of PFD (inflatable vests and jackets): 150N, 165N, 250N etc. SOLAS certification if required. Hammar inflation triggers, salt tablets, and more.

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Spares for PFDs

For each PFD that we distribute we offer the related spare parts: salt tablets, CO2 canisters, hammar triggers and more.

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PFD accessories

Range of accessories for jackets and aids: lights, harnesses, hoists and more.

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