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Other safety equipment

On board fire and safety equipment

Among the other safety equipment we supply are thermal bags for extra protection against hypothermia, ring buoys like those we see around pontoons and docks, horseshoe buoys, whose shape matches the name, man overboard lights with LED flash light, firefighter axes for breaking down doors, fire blankets and fire hoses.

Smaller accessories that are compulsory aboard a ship include the fog alarm or fog horn, the black cone and the black ball, the loudspeaker, the first aid kit for the life raft, the floating anchor and the flares.

Other safety equipment

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Just some examples of the products we distribute

Ring buoy

This is probably the most widely recognised buoy. The ring buoy is the one we see around swimming pools, pontoons of boating ports and fishing docks. The ring buoy is equipped with a length of rope that is used to throw to anyone who has fallen into the water.

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SOLAS retro-reflective strips

40m roll of retro-reflective strip, approved under the latest SOLAS directives. For buoys, equipment, vessels, skiffs etc.

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Man overboard light

The man overboard light completes our range of safety buoy equipment. This provides a white light that is visible at 360°. SOLAS approved.

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