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Marine binoculars FUJINON - FUJIFILM

Professional use marine binoculars

Over the years, Atlantic Avitaillement has become the leader in marine binoculars across the majority of our seas.

There are several reasons for this. First, a solid 15-year partnership with the most reputed quality manufacturer of binoculars, Fujinon. Plus, we hold a large and permanent stock of the main models used for maritime and coastal professions, and we deliver quickly by land, sea and air, anywhere in the world. We also offer a repair and maintenance service for your lens, guaranteed by Fujinon.

We hold permanent stock of the Fujinon range including small gangway binoculars for container ships, cargo ships or trawlers and the largest binoculars in the world, used on large tuna boats.

Marine binoculars FUJINON - FUJIFILM

Our product ranges

Sailing binoculars

Professional use Fujinon-Fujifilm marine binoculars: 7x50, 10x50, 16x70 etc. Known and renowned for THE professional use binoculars.

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Giant binoculars

The world's largest models of professional binoculars: 25x150 and 40x150, meaning a magnification of 25 and 40! These binoculars are used in semaphore and tuna fishing, to name just two!

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Stabilised binoculars

Professional use stabilised binoculars with gyroscopic motor for image stabilisation. Used for helicopter travel or on board moving vessels.

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