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Lifting rings, master links and missing links

Industrial lifting rings and links

Thanks to our many partners we are able to offer you a complete range of master links, (non)articulated lifting rings, HR or stainless steel links, quick links, missing links for steel chains, welding rings, connector links and more.

All these lifting accessories are essential to many industry sectors and professions such as construction, offshore operations, commercial fishing and handling.

Lifting rings, master links and missing links

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Just some examples of the products we distribute

Master link

Single or triple master link, welded or non-welded, grade 60/80/100, with or without recess, etc.

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Available in HR, painted or stainless steel (316 or sun). All diameters, all WLL.

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Stainless steel links

Boss DL link in stainless steel, also known as the split link. All diameters, all WLL.

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Missing link

All diameters, HR, pear-shaped or oval missing links.

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Articulated lifting ring

Articulated swivel lifting ring for chains and slings. Available in all diameters.

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Also called a connecting link. Available in HR or stainless steel, all diameters, all WLL.

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Quick link

Stainless or HR steel, all diameters and WLL. Available with large opening, pear-shaped, with eye, trapeze, square, twist, etc.

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Welding ring

Welding ring (also called bolt) with eye in forged, quenched and tempered steel. Different diameters (numbers) and WLL available.

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