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Lifting and handling accessories - Rigging hardware

Lifting accessories – handling equipment

Atlantic Avitaillement offers the widest range of lifting accessories for steel wire ropes, ropes and chains.

Our partners are the largest manufacturers in the world:

– and more.

Lifting and handling accessories - Rigging hardware


Their products? Shackles, rings, clamps, marlinespikes, conical sockets, wire rope ties, trawl releases, connectors, connector links, missing links, hooks, bungee cords and more.

These products are available in HR steel up to grade 100, galvanised steel, stainless steel, painted steel, black steel and more.

Our products

Rings – Links

Circular, oval, all WLL, all diameters.

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Hooks and swivels

All types and sizes of hooks and swivels in HR and stainless steel.

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HR Shackles and Stainless Steel Shackles

All diameters, HR (grade 80, grade 100) or stainless steel, anchor or straight, bolt type and round pin, countersunk head, square head etc.

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Lifting clamps

All WLL, all types: universal lifting clamps for lifting in all directions, horizontal clamps, etc.

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Pulleys and blocks

From the catalogue or made to measure. All types (wooden, steel paint, galvanised etc.), all sheave diameters, all WLL, all types of accessories and hangers.

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Wire rope accessories

All wire rope accessories: connecting sleeves, terminals, sockets, wire rope clips, wedge sockets, connectors, etc.

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Accessories for sling savers and ropes

Shackles, connectors and sling saver accessories; all diameters available.

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Chain accessories

Connectors, rings, master links, triple links...

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International logistics service: air – sea – land – express


Anchor or D shackle; steel or stainless steel; bolt type sling shackle, countersunk head shackle, trawling shackle, screw pin shackle etc.

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Lifting accessories

Big eye swivels, sockets, all hook types, and more.

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Snap Rings

To suit your net needs and specifications: diameters of 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, or à roulette.

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Lifting rings

All sizes; round or oval; single or triple link etc.

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Pulleys – specially manufactured

Made-to-measure to your specifications.

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All WLL, all specifications. We supply separate parts (latches).

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Shur-Loc hooks

And all your other lifting accessory needs!

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Pipeline hooks

... plus all other hook types: eyehooks, swivel hooks, Shur-Loc hooks and more.

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Galvanised pulley

In wood or steel (painted or galvanised). All hanger types.

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Some of our partners

The Crosby Group

Accessoires de levage CrsobyOur American partner Crosby is probably the best known and most reputed manufacturer in the world when it comes to quality rigging and lifting hardware.

Crosby has developed its own system of specifications with Quic-Check®, a patented concept from Crosby’s Research and Development Department that represents the group’s ongoing commitment to quality. This can be identified by the strategic placement of marking indicators on traditional lifting products to indicate reference points designed to enhance the safe and proper use of Crosby products.

Plus, most of the accessories are marked with Load Rated, specifying the Working Load Limit indicated on or affixed to the product. Crosby offers A-Ally, C-Carbon, Stainless Steel alloy and steel lifting and rigging products, G-coated against corrosion by hot-dip galvanisation, zinc paint, mechanical galvanisation, spraying and more.

Every year, Crosby invents new products suitable for all purposes, even the more specific ones! Quick-assembly SB-427 sockets and connectors for mobile crane assembly, G-517 mooring sockets for high-resistance wire ropes, S-319 SWG shank hooks for swaging hoist wire ropes, PL positive locked safety latches for new Crosby N series hooks, A-350L sliding hooks with latch for when a heavy-duty latch is required, A-378 pipeline/sorting hooks with handle, BH-313 hooks with weld pad for mobile cranes and excavators, S-3319 utility swivel hooks for use with synthetic wire rope and HR-1200 side pull hoist rings for handling dies and moulds with synthetic, chain or wire rope slings, and Mc Kissick TU-480 tilt-up wall blocks available with 27 to 54 tonne capacity for 25mm to 68mm wire ropes and a 406mm to 610mm sheave diameter.

Along with Crosby we are a new series of accessories and Class 10 chains to the market, with a 20% to 25% greater capacity than Class 9, individually tested and designed entirely to resist fatigue.

Frekhaug Boss

produits Boss

Frekhaug Stål AS designs and produces rigging hardware parts in stainless steel and high-strength alloys that are abrasion and corrosion resistant according to the most stringent of standards: ASTM 316 (SS 2343), ASTM 329 (SS 2324), S-165M (SS 2387).

Since 1995, Frekhaug Stål AS has used the latest in special steel technology to produce rigging hardware for fishing (shackles, safety hooks, links, seine rings, tubular thimbles, brailing net locks and choker hooks designed for oceanic tuna boats, trawl net releases, rings, carabiners and more) but also for aviation and helicopters (swivels and hooks for sea rescue).

Frekhaug Stål AS has been approved by the DNV det Norske Veritas, the Teknologist Institutt and ISO 9002… With our partner Frekhaug Stål AS we can make any specialist part you require on demand.

produits Boss

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Some rigging terms :

► Static load: load resulting from the consistent application of a load or a force.

► Working Load Limit: the mass or maximum force a product can support under normal conditions of use when the load is applied in line with and according to the central axis of the product, unless stated otherwise.

Working Load: the maximum force a product can support under general conditions of use.

► Test Load: the average force applied during testing, the average force that can be applied to a product without degrading it.

► Breaking Load: the breaking load is the average load or force under which a product will break or be unable to withstand the load.

► Shock Load: the force resulting when a sudden force (shock or jolt) is applied or a static load is suddenly moved. A load undergoing force significantly increases the static load.

► Trial test: test carried out solely to detect any faults in the equipment or manufacturing.

► Safety coefficient: a manufacturing term referring to the mathematical ratio between the minimum breaking load given by the manufacturer and the working load limit of the product. Usually expressed as a ratio as in 5:1.

► Commercial surface quality: this is the condition of the surface of the products displayed in the catalogue and the condition following any manufacturing processes involving raw materials and treatment of surfaces. A superior quality of surface must be specifically requested.

► Fatigue testing: test carried out to maximum standard of 20,000 cycles at 1.5 times the WLL. All testing is compliant with the requirements of Euronorm regulations.