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Levaproo: For lifting and handling!

Matériels et équipements de levage

The Levaapro Service

Atlantic Avitaillement’s Levaapro Service offers an extended range of lifting products for all purposes: ship, building and deck construction sites; forestry and mining operations; industrial port lifting and handling activity, and more.…

Who is it for?

Maritime and river ports, mines, forests, building sites… When your staff need the best tools and equipment to work safely and sheltered from the elements.

Our Levaapro solution covers all these professions:

Industrial lifting
Forestry operations
Mining operations
Port activity
Building and deck construction
Agri-food industries
Rigging companies
Sheet metalwork

Services and Products

We distribute all ranges of professional products to cover absolutely all your needs, at the best quality and the best prices for you.

Professional tools (Facom, Bost, Stanley etc.)
Metallic wire ropes and connected slings
Synthetic ropes and connected slings
All rigging hardware products (connectors, links, hooks)
Steel and wooden pulleys (Mc Kissick, made-to-measure etc.)
Textile sling savers
Paints and painting materials
Tools and electrical equipment
Grease for wire ropes and pulleys
Industrial clothing for cold temperatures up to -50°C (parkas, combi suits, gloves etc.)
Workwear: handling gloves, boots, helmets, bib and brace dungarees, pea jackets and more
Safety shoes and boots (high and low etc.)
PPE (safety outfits, helmets, waxed garments, eyewear and more)

Our Levaapro partners

Logistics Service

We deliver all over the world! … by sea freight (20″ or 40″ container, dry or reefer), air freight or road (standard or express).

Just some of our weekly ocean freight deliveries:
– The Seychelles
– Mauritius
– Reunion
– Abidjan, Ivory Coast
– Tema, Ghana
– Madagascar
– Togo
– Senegal
– Alexandria, Egypt
– Namibia
– Morocco, and more
Just some of our daily international road deliveries:
– Vigo, Spain
– Bermeo, Spain
– Barcelona, Spain
– Germany
– Greece
– Rotterdam, Holland
– Norway
– England
– Porto, Portugal
– Italy, and more
… and just some of the destinations we deliver to in France:
– Montoir de Bretagne
– Le Havre
– Lyon
– Marseille
– Paris
– Brest

Wherever you are, we deliver!

Customs Operations

We have our own customs services (customs approvals) and our own bonded warehouses (dry, temperature-controlled, frozen products), enabling us to sell goods exempted from customs duties.

A definite saving for shipping companies and businesses!

Sourcing needs ?

We also offer an external purchasing service: we cater for all your specific requirements.

By extension, we are also a Sourcing Service: whatever you need, let us know, and we’ll take care of the rest!