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Atlantic Avitaillement is made up of 4 distinct but related departments that are all aimed at the complete satisfaction of our customers and partners.

These different departments or areas strive to fulfil the precise and individual needs of each of the market sectors in which we operate. As such, we offer products and level of quality suited to each of those sectors, as well as a made-to-measure service, for your specific requirements.

We also offer a complete logistics service including handling, packing and transport, and we take care of all customs procedures for you!

Additional Services

We also offer an external purchasing service: we cater for all your specific requirements.

By extension, we are also a Sourcing Service: whatever you need, let us know, and we’ll take care of the rest!

We deliver all over the world! … by sea freight (20″ or 40″ container, dry or reefer), air freight or road (standard or express).

Just some of our weekly ocean freight deliveries:
– The Seychelles
– Mauritius
– Reunion
– Abidjan, Ivory Coast
– Tema, Ghana
– Madagascar
– Togo
– Senegal
– Alexandria, Egypt
– Namibia
– Morocco, and more

Just some of our daily international road deliveries:
– Vigo, Spain
– Bermeo, Spain
– Barcelona, Spain
– Germany
– Greece
– Rotterdam, Holland
– Norway
– England
– Porto, Portugal
– Italy, and more

… and just some of the destinations we deliver to in France:
– Montoir de Bretagne
– Le Havre
– Lyon
– Marseille
– Paris
– Brest

Wherever you are, we deliver!

We have our own customs services (customs approvals) and our own bonded warehouses (dry, temperature-controlled, frozen products), enabling us to sell goods exempted from customs duties.

A definite saving for shipping companies and businesses!

Our 4 areas

For whatever your staff might need for their convenience, either aboard or ashore, and for whatever is required for the successful operation of your systems, be it on land or on water.

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All marine and industrial lifting products: wire ropes, slings, lifting accessories (shackles, hooks, pulleys, etc.)

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We source worldwide so we can offer you the best products at the best prices: dry and frozen food stuffs and all cleaning products!

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Specialist products and services for fitting out tuna fleets and the more general needs of fishing vessels!

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Some of our partners