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Industrial kitchen equipment

Industrial kitchen equipment

We don’t eat at sea as we do on land.

When a vessel leaves the port, whether for recreational boating or a commercial fishing expedition, it’s usually for a few days or even weeks, and can involve difficult or extreme conditions when at sea. The same goes for offshore gas or oil platforms.

The crew might only be as big as a large family living on land, but the daily working conditions for the chef would much more difficult! different 
After 20 years of practice, your general ship chandler Atlantic Avitaillement understands what equipment is required on board, from teaspoons and ovens to professional gas ranges. Cutlery and crocker, anti-slip wipe-down table cloths, glassware, the right type of oven, storage and storage containers, whisks, mixers, cutting and weighing equipment, stainless steel tools, cold equipment, and much more.

Not to mention the traditional coffee machine for round-the-clock hot coffee for the entire crew!

Industrial kitchen equipment

The solution for all your needs when it comes to industrial and on board kitchens!

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