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Grease for wire rope

Grease for wire ropes and resin for sockets

Grease helps extend the life of your wire rope. Over time and in normal conditions of use, steel wire ropes naturally lose their suppleness and original lubrication. They can also come into contact with water or contaminants like sand or rust.

Lubrication can be applied to extend the life of your wire rope either on board (eg a tug) or on land (tram cables, cable for ski lifts, cable cars, elevators etc.).

Atlantic Avitaillement also supplies lubricant from our partner Crosby, Vitalife Wire Rope Lubricant, as well as grease especially designed and made for tug wire rope, ICOLUB PCK2. We can meet your requirements and your specifications to the letter. We also offer resin for Wirelock spelter sockets and sockets from our partner Crosby.

Grease for wire rope