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Fujinon - Professional use marine binoculars

Fujinon - Professional use marine binoculars

Fujinon Fujifilm presents the most comprehensive range of small compact binoculars on the market, ideal for recreational fishing, up to 40×150, the world’s most reputed binoculars. These Fujinon binoculars are the brightest, the most practical and the most robust on the market. They are the most technologically advanced binoculars and Fujinon is constantly researching new methods to improve your vision comfort even further.

A little history…

The story of Fujinon and binoculars began in 1947 with the arrival of the small Meibo 6x25mm on the market. This model, far ahead of its competition, is actually very popular with customers and remains the foundation of the comprehensive Fujinon range of today. Historically and since 1944, Fujinon has been the undisputed world leader of camera optics for cinema, surveillance and medical imaging.

Many highly specialised areas where becoming leader is no mean feat. All the advanced technology we have been acquiring since 1944 is now available to you.


Fujinon Fujifilm and Atlantic Avitaillement

Atlantic Avitaillement only distributes Fujinon quality binoculars, all over the world. We have permanent and plentiful stock of the entire Fujinon range and we offer express delivery to the other side of the world. All Fujinon binoculars are guaranteed from 2 to 30 years according to the specific model. Since its creation in 1995, Atlantic Avitaillement has been one of the preferred partners of oceanic tuna fleets in the supply of binoculars tailored for spotting tuna shoals across all of our oceans. We also offer a specialised and rapid maintenance and repair service for Fujinon binoculars, all part of the Fujinon guarantee. We cover all your binocular needs! Commercial fishing, Customs coastal surveillance, gangway binoculars for all vessels, binoculars for boaters and water sports, night vision surveillance, specialised binoculars for helicopters and moving aircraft, army and rescue service binoculars, beach and forestry surveillance and more. 

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