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Fischer Bargoin - Knives and sharpening accessories

Fischer Bargoin - Knives and sharpening accessories

Fischer Bargoin presents a wide range of professional cutlery and other equipment for the food industry.

Fischer-Bargoin: the largest range of cutlery and sharpening accessories in France.

A family business since 1895, the Bargoin and Fischer establishments recently consolidated to become France’s leader in professional cutlery and sharpening equipment.

With origins rooted in the meat industry, the business quickly expanded over the years into the hotel, baking, fishmonger, patisserie and cheesemaking trades, to become one of today’s leaders in French sharpening steel and professional knives.


Knives and equipment for all your needs.

Do you work in the meat industry?

We sell spatulas, boning knives, choppers, American-style saws, splitting knives, butcher knives, skinning knives, anatomy separators, slicers, skinning knives, slicers, butcher knives, ham slicers, butcher saws, cleavers, burger presses, meat mincers, chain-mesh protective gloves, protective aprons, scrapers, meat hooks, tenderisers, beating hammers, ham boners and many more.

Are you a chef?

Paring knives, santoku knives, peeling knives, magnetic knife racks, chefs’ knives, fillet knives, bread knives, pastry knives, mincing knives, chopping boards, scrapers, slotted spatula, fish spatulas, steak spatulas, triangular spatulas, boning knives, salmon knives, forks, Japanese knives, and more.

Our ranges are just as vast for all other professions!

And of course, the Fischer brand includes our full range of sharpening equipment: professional sharpening machines, sharpening machines with belt, hand-held sharpeners, diamond steel sharpeners, ceramic steel sharpeners, sharpening stones, and more.