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Petzl - Vertical environment equipment

Petzl - Vertical environment equipment

Petzl is a manufacturer of personal protection equipment (PPE) for professionals

Experts in vertical height

Petzl are experts in vertical height solutions. They actually manufacture a range of personal protection equipment (PPE). This includes helmets, harnesses, belay devices, descenders, carabiners, ascenders, connectors, pulleys, ropes, anchors and many more.

These products are distributed to over 50 counties and are all available from Atlantic Avitaillement.



A little history…

Petzl was founded in 1973 by Fernand Petzl, a great French pothole explorer. The brand is now headed by his son, Paul Petzl and the company is based in Crolles, Grenoble.

Petzl manufactured headlamps with piezoelectric lighting as well as a torch called the Petzl. This later became the Zoom.