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Dyneema rope

Dyneema Rope

Dyneema is a trademarked synthetic material from international company DSM, specialists in chemistry throughout all sectors (health, animal and human food, pharmaceuticals, alternative energy, transport, sports and more). DSM employs 23,000 people across the world and has a turnover of around 9 billion Euro. DSM is the world’s only manufacturer of the synthetic Dyneema fibre.

This extraordinary aliphatic polymer fibre is called ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE or UHMW). It is also sometimes called high-modulus polyethylene or HMPE, or high-performance polyethylene, or HPPE. However, everyone calls it Dyneema, which has been the only manufacturer of UHMWPE fibres since the 1970s.

Internationally trademarked Dyneema is an extraordinary and unrivalled synthetic fibre. It has an incredible resistance and is very lightweight. These two qualities make it the perfect material for manufacturing highly technical specialised rope for specialised usage (although the product is expensive, which is a drawback). Other fibres similar to Dyneema are available but even the closest doesn’t come close! They are like Dyneema but are not made with Dyneema. Very few of the world’s rope manufacturers are permitted by DSM to manufacture real Dyneema under licence.

Atlantic Avitaillement works with two international partners that are Dyneema-approved by DSM. We offer the real product in 12 spindles and all versions, the most common being SK75 and SK78.


Just some of our constructions:

12 strand Dyneema SK78

Our 12 strand Dyneema SK78 rope is a premium product made of UHMWPE fibres. Dyneema has many useful qualities, for example: resistant to water absorption, very lightweight, extremely high breaking load, UV resistant, little elongation and easy to splice.

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