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Deckaproo: For sailors and their ships

Matériels pour le pont et la cabine

The Deckaapro Service

We supply fleets, vessels, oil platforms and site facilities and provide all general, deck, cabin and safety equipment.

Thanks to our Deckaapro service, Atlantic Avitaillement can offer our main product lines and supply services internationally for all your general deck needs aboard all specialised vessels.

Who is it for?

For two decades we have specialised in supplying sea vessels, of course, but we are active on land too.

Here are just some of the areas we work in every day:

Scientific research vessels
Seismic vessels
Towing vessels
Merchant ships
Coast guard
Customers surveillance vessels
Port containers
Site facilities
Lightvessels and beacon ships
Offshore drilling platforms
Offshore research platforms
Offshore oil platforms
Purse seines
Sardine boats
Fishing dredges
Construction site facilities
Agri-food plants
Technical and food distribution
Agri-food industries and more

Services and Products

Our Deckaapro Service offers everything needed for the convenience of crews – their protection, health and safety, either aboard or ashore – and whatever is required for the successful operation of your systems, be it on land or on water.

Just some examples of the products we distribute:

Steel wire ropes and connected slings
Synthetic ropes and connected slings
All rigging hardware products (connectors, links, hooks)
Buoys and fenders
Paints and painting materials
Kitchen equipment and all packaging
Tools and electrical equipment
Fuel treatment
Grease for wire ropes and pulleys
Bedding (non-flammable quilts, pillows, sheets etc.)
Marine equipment (barometers, barographs etc.)
Safety equipment and PFD (life jackets, life rafts, combi suits, etc.)
Industrial clothing for cold temperatures up to -50°C (parkas, combi suits, gloves etc.)
Workwear: handling gloves, boots, helmets, bib and brace dungarees, pea jackets and more
Safety shoes and boots (high and low etc.)
PPE (safety outfits, helmets, waxed garments, eyewear and more)
Professional cutlery (kitchen knives, industrial knives, deck knives etc.)

Our Deckaapro partners

Logistics Service

We deliver all over the world! … by sea freight (20″ or 40″ container, dry or reefer), air freight or road (standard or express).

Just some of our weekly ocean freight deliveries:
– The Seychelles
– Mauritius
– Reunion
– Abidjan, Ivory Coast
– Tema, Ghana
– Madagascar
– Togo
– Senegal
– Alexandria, Egypt
– Namibia
– Morocco, and more
Just some of our daily international road deliveries:
– Vigo, Spain
– Bermeo, Spain
– Barcelona, Spain
– Germany
– Greece
– Rotterdam, Holland
– Norway
– England
– Porto, Portugal
– Italy, and more
… and just some of the destinations we deliver to in France:
– Montoir de Bretagne
– Le Havre
– Lyon
– Marseille
– Paris
– Brest

Wherever you are, we deliver!

Customs Operations

We have our own customs services (customs approvals) and our own bonded warehouses (dry, temperature-controlled, frozen products), enabling us to sell goods exempted from customs duties.

A definite saving for shipping companies and businesses!

Sourcing needs ?

We also offer an external purchasing service: we cater for all your specific requirements.

By extension, we are also a Sourcing Service: whatever you need, let us know, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Just some of our product ranges

Steel wire rope

All type: galvanised, stainless steel, non-rotating, compacted, and more. For all uses: industry, lifting, commercial fishing, off-shore, forestry and mining operations, etc.

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Synthetic rope

All types: polyamide (nylon), PP, PET, composites, Dyneema, hemp or Sisal. We also offer other synthetic products such as pilot ladders, slings, etc.

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Steel, high resistance, cork, black, stainless steel, for shrouds, and more. We have a wide range of steel chains to cover all your needs!

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Lifting accessories

All accessories for wire ropes, ropes and chains: connectors, wedge sockets, sockets, terminals, connecting sleeves, hooks, shackles, wire rope ties, marlinespikes, carabiners and more.

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Rigging hardware for fishing

All specialist equipment for commercial tuna fishing, for seines or longliners: trawler releases, snap rings, choker hooks and more.

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Buoys and Fenders

Round or cylindrical buoys, both foam or inflatable; fenders, dock fenders, Norwegian buoys, longline fenders and more.

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Waterproof binoculars

Full range of Fujinon-Fujifilm binoculars (market leader): 7x50, 10x50, 10x70, 16x70, 25x150, etc. With or without compass. Guaranteed for 20 years.

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PFD/Life Jackets

All safety equipment required on board platforms or vessels: PFD 150N and 275N, life jackets, safety harnesses, tethers and more.

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Full range of workwear (PPE) for protection against the cold for the head (helmets, hats etc.), the body (jackets, parkas, dungarees, etc.), the feet (safety boots, shoes etc.), and more.

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Cabin equipment

All equipment for cabins: stationery, bedding, sheets, small kitchen equipment (hot, cold, food preparation), table wear, and more.

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Professional cutlery

Professional range of cutlery for use in agri-food industries, commercial fishing and boating, as well as sharpening tools (stones, manual sharpeners etc.).

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All professional tools for measuring equipment, ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, hammering tools, lighting and more; plus, portable electrical equipment such as screw guns, drills, chainsaws, grinders, saws and more.

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