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Atlantic Avitaillement
ZI de Kerdroniou
36 rue Marcel Paul
29000 Quimper - France

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+33 (0)2 98 97 50 50
9:00-12:00am / 02:00-16:00pm




Our one ambition: your satisfaction

We are your solution for equipment supplies including wire ropes, synthetic ropes, chains, lifting accessories, binoculars, buoys, safety equipment, cabin and deck equipment, and foodstuffs including meats, drinks, alcohol, frozen foods, cleaning products and more.

Atlantic Avitaillement has been serving your needs for over 20 years, all around the world.

Our logistics service can deliver goods anywhere in the world, wherever you are!

We also have our own customs service and a bonded warehouse service and recently built warehouses (2011) enabling us to meet all your supply and logistical requirements.

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