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Cabin bedding and linen

Cabin bedding (pillows, mattresses etc.) and linen (sheets, undersheets, etc.)

We don’t sleep at sea as we do on land.

The function of a ship rests entirely on the crew, and life on board is generally tougher than life on shore. Good bedding is therefore a necessity for the comfort of crew and passengers alike.

Due to the space available, the dimensions of the bedding used on board are particular to the size of the berths, meaning they are often customised.
Mattresses and bed bases on board must be adapted to their specific environment, as are sheets, undersheets, quilts and quilt covers. Not to mention pillows and pillow cases.

And the bedding used on a North Atlantic trawler wouldn’t be the same on board a tuna boat sailing the Indian Ocean. Wildly different temperatures require suitable equipment and fabrics (polycotton, fireproof fabrics etc.). Everything must be compliance with applicable international regulations, particularly fireproof standards for synthetic covers and ropes.
Atlantic Avitaillement has over 20 years of experience in specialised bedding for ships and vessels.

Cabin bedding and linen

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