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Breathing equipment

Breathing equipment (masks, SCBA, canisters etc.)

In many industries, employees need to ensure their airways are protected at all times. These are the industries requiring employees to handle hazardous chemical solvents such as fertilisers, pesticides, paints, varnishes and other chemical products. The toxic gases used in certain sectors of industry also present significant risks to employees and it is often essential and mandatory to have protective breathing equipment nearby for workers to put on quickly in the event of a chemical gas leak, for example. This can be the difference between life and death.

It can involve putting a simple breathing mask over the face but at sea, this protective breathing equipment is a little more serious and can include oxygen canisters.

Breathing equipment

Just some examples of the products we distribute

Disposable masks

The very lightweight disposable fabric protects the immediate environment from the wearer's breathing to prevent contamination. This disposable protective mask is used in dusty or powdery environments to protect employees from inhaling harmful substances. Just some of our masks: mesh mask, transparent mask, mask to protect the inner airways: shell mask with valve, painting mask, respirator mask, canister protective mask, anti-odour mask, anti-dust mask, anti-powder mask, disposable mask and more.

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Full masks

As well as simple disposable face masks there are fuller masks used in certain areas. These full protective breathing masks are used by industries were harmful inhalable substances are found but also in farming for the handling of fertiliser and pesticides.

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