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Bekina: Safety boots for professionals!

Bekina: Safety boots for professionals!

Our partner Bekina specialises in the development and production of PU (polyurethane) work boots.

A little history…

The Bekina company was founded in 1962 by the Vanderbeke family in the Flemish Ardennes. Three generations later, Bekina is an international benchmark when it comes to PU boots and has remained a family company all this time!


PU (Polyurethane) boots

PU work boots are still a niche market today, as rubber or PVC is often used for a wide variety of purposes. However, you can’t deny that the PU boot is becoming more and more essential to a number of different sectors, like commercial fishing, farming, agri-food industries, offshore fishing and more.

The reasons are obvious: an excellent price/quality ratio, superior comfort, an incredible lightweight quality, great product durability and incredible insulation, among others.