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Accessories for synthetic and natural rope

Rope accessories

Our most commonly sold synthetic and natural ropes come in coils but are also popular in more specific lengths with additional fittings like synthetic rope slings. Our specialists can attach various fittings to rope ends according to customers’ specific needs and the requirements of the industry or area of application.

These marine fittings include creating a loop via a splice on the eye featuring the spliced thimble or sleeve, or by splicing the rope. Hawsers usually come with a loop that is spliced and protected with a polyester sheath on one or both ends to facilitate mooring to a bitt or bollard at port. Also, Dyneema rope can be whipped or partially coated in a protective sheath.

These rope slings also come equipped with safety hooks or shackles as well as integrated rings or any other item of rigging hardware.

We supply all these accessories.

Accessories for synthetic and natural rope

Just some of our products

Sling saver connector

A synthetic sling saver is nothing without its end fixtures! Sling saver connectors are rings placed at the end of the sling saver to allow for easy and safe stowage. These are shackle-like rings that are attached or removed with a nut or eyenut, to which a lifting hook or special link can be added, or any other part used for handling.

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Shackle for synthetic slings

There are many shackles available that are specially designed for the ends of synthetic sling savers. Shackles for synthetic slings or sling savers are available with a wide body, known as a wide body shackle, as well as eye shackles and bolt type sling shackles.

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Hook for synthetic sling

All types of safety hook can be connected to the ends of synthetic sling savers according to the application and type of stowage. Given the precise nature of the sling saver, the safety hook has a wider eye to allow the width of the synthetic sling saver to pass through.

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Terminal for synthetic rope sling saver

To finish and strengthen the end of a synthetic rope sling, galvanised steel terminal ends are often used, also called galvanised thimbles.

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Figure of eight

The steel figure of eight for the ends of a synthetic rope sling is just that: a figure of eight. Synthetic rope is passed through each half, the diameter of the rope variable and usually attached with a splice.

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