International Services and Provisions - Ship Chandler - Import/Export

International Services and Provisions – Ship Chandler – Import/Export

ATLANTIC AVITAILLEMENT (AA) has been a general shipping supplier (ship chandler) since 1995: deck and cabin materials, PPE (personal protective equipment), rigging (wire ropes, rope etc.) and accessories, fresh, dry and frozen food products, cleaning products, engine additives and more.

Specialists in commercial fishing, Atlantic Avitaillement has diversified over the years to include oil platforms and site facilities as well as industrial lifting, agri-food factories, dockers, forestry operations and more.

Based in Quimper (in Brittany, France), AA is renowned in France and internationally for distributing quality products at the best price-quality ratio. We are trusted to deliver products for dozens of internationally recognised manufacturers. Among these are: Crosby Mc Kissick, Fujifilm-Fujinon, Facom, Helly Hansen, EuropaRope, Sioen, Guy Cotten, Trawlex, S24, Peguet, Chameau, Bekina, Stanley, Bost etc.

Our strengths:

  • We listen and respond to what you need!
  • Product ranges featuring over 35,000 items
  • Full sourcing on the products of your choice
  • Complete and integrated logistics service
  • Internal customs service/Bonded warehouses
  • New premises and warehouses built in 2011
  • Numerous known and renowned partners!
  • And more!

Our areas

For whatever your staff might need for their convenience, either aboard or ashore, and for whatever is required for the successful operation of your systems, be it on land or on water.

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All marine and industrial lifting products: wire ropes, slings, lifting accessories (shackles, hooks, pulleys, etc.)

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We source worldwide so we can offer you the best products at the best prices: dry and frozen food stuffs and all cleaning products!

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Specialist products and services for fitting out tuna fleets and the more general needs of fishing vessels!

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Some of our partners

Just some of our product ranges

Steel wire rope

All type: galvanised, stainless steel, non-rotating, compacted, and more. For all uses: industry, lifting, commercial fishing, off-shore, forestry and mining operations, etc.

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Synthetic rope

All types: polyamide (nylon), PP, PET, composites, Dyneema, hemp or Sisal. We also offer other synthetic products such as pilot ladders, slings, etc.

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Steel, high resistance, cork, black, stainless steel, for shrouds, and more. We have a wide range of steel chains to cover all your needs!

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Lifting accessories

All accessories for wire ropes, ropes and chains: connectors, wedge sockets, sockets, terminals, connecting sleeves, hooks, shackles, wire rope ties, marlinespikes, carabiners and more.

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Rigging hardware for fishing

All specialist equipment for commercial tuna fishing, for seines or longliners: trawler releases, snap rings, choker hooks and more.

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Buoys and Fenders

Round or cylindrical buoys, both foam or inflatable; fenders, dock fenders, Norwegian buoys, longline fenders and more.

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Waterproof binoculars

Full range of Fujinon-Fujifilm binoculars (market leader): 7x50, 10x50, 10x70, 16x70, 25x150, etc. With or without compass. Guaranteed for 20 years.

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PFD/Life Jackets

All safety equipment required on board platforms or vessels: PFD 150N and 275N, life jackets, safety harnesses, tethers and more.

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Full range of workwear (PPE) for protection against the cold for the head (helmets, hats etc.), the body (jackets, parkas, dungarees, etc.), the feet (safety boots, shoes etc.), and more.

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Cabin equipment

All equipment for cabins: stationery, bedding, sheets, small kitchen equipment (hot, cold, food preparation), table wear, and more.

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Professional cutlery

Professional range of cutlery for use in agri-food industries, commercial fishing and boating, as well as sharpening tools (stones, manual sharpeners etc.).

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All professional tools for measuring equipment, ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, hammering tools, lighting and more; plus, portable electrical equipment such as screw guns, drills, chainsaws, grinders, saws and more.

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